Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brotherly Love

All right Mom P~here are your promised pictures! Just a few more weeks and then you'll be able to see these boys in person! James is already telling me every day that we're going to see you. He's pretty excited!!

Here's Peter with the "wave" hairdo. :)

And his first time in the Bumbo. He wasn't too crazy about it, so we'll have to try again when he gets a little older.


The last two are my favorite from the day. The boys both love little Peter (even though we have to keep an eye on John. Apparently "gentle" doesn't mean much when you're not quite 18 months old yet!!) :)


Becky said...

Hi Simon and Jessica!
So you're coming this way to visit, eh? Would love to catch up with you and let our boys meet! What do you say? I would love to comfirm detail, if possible, via email.
Your boys are ADORABLE!