Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinnertime Drama

Is it just my kids, or has anyone else noticed that you can serve something for dinner one night and the kids devour it and ask for seconds, but try to serve it leftover the next night and you get major drama? It doesn't matter how many times you try to explain that just last night they thought it was delicious; they won't go for it! Frustrating! :)

On a cheerier note, I picked up this adorable kit when it was on sale for $1 at Little Dreamer Designs and I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it (it is mostly pink after all, and I do have three boys) but I couldn't pass up such a good deal! :)

Fortunately it did have a couple of blue papers, and it was the perfect color to go with the shirts the boys were wearing this day. (The layout is linked to a bigger version if you want to read the journaling.)

Learning to Love You


Sharon said...

this kit is gorgeous by michelle coleman and your layout is really cute. i think you can make any kit that's girly, not too girly if we put our minds to it!

also a big thank you as I worked out how to add a background to my blog with a little help from the typepad knowledge base so thanks for getting me pointed in the right directions with your comments! i've still got to create one i'm happy with so i'm playing with it now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful! Thanks for playing with the template! Have you posted this at the Shanty? We'd love to have you stop by... :)

I was looking at one of your layouts in the Sunshine Gallery and I found your blog. Let me just say that your layout is STUNNING!!! I'm so honored that you'd use some of my things. Just gorgeous. :)

Becky said...

Hm... not much of a scrapbooker but your stuff looks awesome. :)
We'd love to see you any evening (with my hubby) or any day but Thursday (w/o my hubby). It just depends on what will work out best with your schedule. We can also meet in the middle if we need to. :)

Carol said...

Oh, Jessica, when I see those little faces it makes me so thankful that of all the women in the world, I get to be their grandma! I love coming to your blog to see what's new...keep it up!

Sharon said...

It's me again! I just noticed that this layout is layout of the week at S&S! Congrats! Now you and I are up against each other for layout of the month! I MUST go to bed and get off my computer as it's just gone 2am here! Yikes...