Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back!

**Tap, tap, tap**

Is this thing on anymore?

Is anyone even still out there??

Wake up!!!

I know you all probably thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth, but life has just gotten so busy this month that something had to go, and blogging was it! But, hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more regularly now that some of the month's activities have ended. You might wonder if Peter is walking and talking with a full set of teeth by now, but I'm happy to report that none of you have missed THAT much of his short life, although he did get his two bottom teeth in last week. He LOVES the saucer and is just on the verge of being able to sit up by himself. He is quite popular at church, since he bestows a happy smile on anyone willing to take the time to talk to him. I generally have to pry him away from someone's arms when I go to pick him up in the nursery.

We've spent quite a few of the evenings enjoying the unseasonably mild weather. The boys like to run around and play, but I like to sit on the patio and take pictures...
Here's the big boys having a race. John was the smart one ~ he'd take off from the starting line with the rest, but as soon everyone passed him, he'd turn around and "run" back to the starting line and be there waiting when everyone got back! Poor Peter had to sit and watch, but next summer I'm sure he'll be right in there with the rest of them.
Now that Rascal is our only dog, the boys dote on her more than ever. Here's John chasing her down in order to brush her. That's not a black eye, just dirt. More than James, he's always dirty! Doesn't matter how many times I bathe him, wash his face, or trim and clean his fingernails... he and dirt have a magnetic attraction!

We enrolled James in AWANA Cubbies this year, and he'll be starting in a few weeks. He's very excited and already wants to wear his little vest around the house, but I'm making him wait until it actually starts. No point in it getting dirty and having to be washed more than necessary! We've been working on memorizing some Bible verses at meal times. One of them is James 1:22, "But prove yourselves doers of the Word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves." Because of his propensity to say the letter "L" as a "W" sound, it sounds like, "who dewude themselves," much to the endless amusement of all, but especially Simon. It never fails to make him laugh. James loves to play with Peter, and is always asking to hold, play, or help feed him. He even likes to "read" stories to him.

John surprised us the other day by counting to 10 all by himself. I think that we will constantly be amazed at how much he picks up just by listening to our conversations with James. He loves to sing and dance with James, and we get numerous noisy (but not terribly musical) concerts. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds right now, and it's so much fun to hear his little voice.

Off to get my hair cut... I'll be back with more random news and some scrapping CT stuff later...


Carol said...

OK, they are cute!! Where did you get such mad photography skills??