Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad blogger, bad blogger!

(slapping my hand)

I can't believe that it's been weeks since I posted anything. Time flies! I don't know how it's possible, but life seems to have gotten busier as we've gotten further into the school year (not for my boys of course, but for everyone else). I've been trying to squeeze some scrap therapy in around the edges of everything, but it's not easy. Here's the CT pages I've done and then I'll be back later with some pictures of the kiddos for those of you wondering if we still have them all. (I crack myself up sometimes, especially when I'm short on sleep, which I am at the moment...)


First for Brittney (who just got back from Disneyland, that lucky girl!):

Miss Tiina just came out with a fun new Halloween kit, but since we don't celebrate Halloween, I thought I'd use a few of the spiders to document the fear I've created in James's mind.

Lastly is a page with Zakirah's new kit that made the GSO.

I did a few "just for fun" pages too, so I'll try to get those posted in the next day or two as well.


sharon dale said...

What a busy life you guys lead too yet we still manage to fit it all in....somewhere! I love the layouts you've made Jess....some gorgeous kits and cute pics of your kidlets and family!

Congrats on your GSO too! I love Zakirah's new kit.