Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He just makes me smile!

I thought I'd pop in with a photo of John from last week. Every time I see it I can't help but grin back at that little face!

Hope you're having a great day!


Carol said...

He makes me smile, too!! :)

LuvfromIndia said...

hello jessica

your entire blog makes me beautifully laid out and well written with just the right amount of emotion.

i am so happy i visited.

God bless
rhoda aka luvfromindia

LuvfromIndia said...

your question as to how i found your blog reminded me so much of IJohn 4:19!!

I followed your comment left in my blog some time back. though a little late!!

I am also mom to two boys (my hubby is the third ) and striving to be a follower of Christ.
(that would explain how i lingered longer ) :-)

whatkatiedid said...

Oh he's just gorgeous! What a lovely photo, just look at that little face!

Len said...

Oh Jess! He is absolutely adorable! How are you? Hope you're always fine :)