Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some graduation pictures

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Out of all the photos I took the two days we were in San Diego for William's graduation from boot camp, most of them didn't come out very good. It was such an emotional time, that I guess I must have had trouble focusing the camera well. These are a few of the better pictures.
The first ones here are photos I took while walking to the stands on Family Day. These are all the new Marines that were about to be released for their first liberty in months, five hours worth.This is Will's platoon marching out and then all lined up, waiting to be dismissed.Our family
These are two of my favorites: My mom getting her first hug, and James who wanted to hold Uncle's hand.
These last two of Will's platoon are from graduation day. I wish I could convey to you the excitement that built in the crowd as they marched out; the amazement of watching 585 men move and speak as one; and the pride that radiated from the new Marines.And now he leaves in just a few more days for combat training, and I will miss him again but at least this time he'll be allowed to bring a cell phone! And I'm sure my mom will continue to update the blog as his exploits continue!

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