Friday, June 27, 2008

You know you're addicted... digital scrapbooking when your most recent electronic purchase is a 1 TB EHD. I moved all our pictures, videos, and my 60 GB of scrapping files over, and there is still over 800 GB of free space! All I can say is, "bring on the downloads, baby!!" :)

I decided to go ahead and purchase a subscription to DST and had so much fun playing with this month's kit. I just love this picture of John!


Sharon said...

ha ha! if i didn't have my EHD, my laptop would have died well and truly by now with all the photos and digi goodies on there! i can't help myself but download any freebie i like and i always say "am i really going to use/need that"!!!!

and your layout with Christina's goodies from DST is just gorgeous. i'm a diamond member there now after their recent promos for that and i've got so many kits to play with...again, am i ever gonna find the time to use them!

i've also popped a link to your blog on my sidebar in my blog...i need to do a serious overhaul of my digi blog as it's time for an update!