Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Conversations with James

James: "hurry Mom, Johnny's bottom is very dirty. He needs a diaper change!"
Me: going to check, and yes indeed a diaper change was in order
James: "he's very dirty Mom"
Me: "uh-huh" while carrying him into the bedroom
James: following me into the bedroom talking the whole time
Me: changing John's diaper
James: climbing on to the bed to oversee the process
James: "hurry Mom, he's stinkin' up the whole house!"

About a month ago I was standing in the bathroom putting on some makeup one afternoon in preparation for my first trip out with just my hubby since two weeks before Peter was born (about four months prior.) It wasn't a big date, just a trip to drop off the van at the shop and grab a quick bite to eat, but still, I didn't want to look like a tired mother of three! James wandered in...
James: "what are you doing? are you curling your hair?"
Me: "no, I'm putting on some mascara"
James: "why are you doing that?"
Me: "I want to look nice for your daddy"
James: "more, you need more!!"
Me: look in the mirror and sigh, no amount of mascara was going to help! :)

A number of months ago now, when Peter was still up in the middle of the night and I was still finding it impossible to drag myself out of bed when I heard James yell "awake" in the morning, I ignored that very same cry. Then I felt a presence next to me and when I pried open one eyelid, there he was staring at me.
James: "you need to get up Mommy and make the boys breakfast" (he's gotten into the habit of refering to himself and John in the third person)
Me: trying to delay the inevitable, "why?"
James: "because the boys are hungry"
Me: "why don't you make breakfast?"
James: "because I don't know how"
Me: "how come I always have to make breakfast?"
James: "that's the way God made you to do!"
Me: groan and roll out of bed, outmaneuvered by a three year old


~*Jennifer*~ said...

Aww...those convos are cute! I should start writing down the cuts stuff my girls say. :)

ScrapShana said...

That is just the cutest thing I've read in a long time! So neat that you document what he says. I love your blog, too. Looks fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a mom to three boys too, although mine are quite a bit older (17, 13 and 11). Your recorded conversations took me back to those exhausting, precious, wonderful days of their toddler-hood. You've probably been told this before but soak up this time; it goes by so quickly!

Debb Cozzi

lorig said...

LOL. It sounds like life is never dull at your house.

The Duchess said...

ROFL!! This totally made my day! I have one 18mo old son right now, and I can't wait til I can record all his funny wonderings!

Becky said...

I love your conversations with James! Now I can't wait for Dain to start talking! :)

Len said...

LOL! That is so cute! Thanks for sharing this Jessica :) I have a 6 year old girl and we have occasional conversations like what you had with your boys :) I guess this is what makes mothering so special, KWIM? :)

Sharon said...

hee hee hee...made me laugh as Toby (5) is still fascinated by Ryan's (3) bowel motions! Yikes...do they ever grow out of it???

Just reading Line Designs' blog and see you've won her gorgeous new kit Jardine d'Eden! Gosh, girl, your name's popping up everywhere!!

whatkatiedid said...

ROFLOLOLOL These conversations are so funny and I can completely relate to them - I'm permanently being outmaneuvered by my 4 year old. And two year old.... lol

I bookmarked your blog and will be back for more giggles!