Friday, July 4, 2008

You can just imagine...

my surprise when I stepped out of the back door this evening to check on the grill, and the first thing I saw was James with his shorts down, "watering" the lawn. Ah yes, one more item for my list of "Things I Regret Teaching My Children."


Sharon said...

OMG!!! But alas, I have two boys and that tradition was started by their Dad and Ryan is trying to emulate his big brother in every way....including this! Oh yes, they did it at a customers house the other day out in her backyard while I was making a delivery of stamps....embarrassing to say the least!

Kristin said...

lol! That's really funny. daughter did the same thing the other night. She kept saying, "look Mommy, I'm a puppy, I'm a puppy." I was busy and just mindlessly praised her, "yes you are such a good puppy." My nephew said, "Um, Kristin, she's tinkling on the lawn." OMG! lol
No wonder you need boy papers. You've got a house full of them!
I LOVE your blog. Your layouts are so stinking cute!