Thursday, July 3, 2008

Promised Pool Pics

ahhh... don't you just love alliteration?

Here's James. White and happy, and white. Gee whiz, where does he get that lack of color from? Must be from Simon, that's all I can figure. Excuse me while I go slather on some more tan-in-a-can...

Next up: John. See that look in his eyes? No driving for him anytime soon, maybe not ever. Actually, I think he's just gloating because he got to spend the most time in the race car float, which was of course the favorite float. "James, you're older. You need to show preference to your brother." Yes siree, firstborns always get the short end of the stick. I can totally empathize with him, but I figure it must be good for him. I mean, look at me? I turned out ok! Moving right along...

Simon and James. Lessons in trust. Painful, but oh so necessary. At some point every child has to learn that dad isn't going to drop him, or drown him. This is the only picture where he doesn't have a float on and yet is still smiling. In the others, he just looks terrified.

John again. White and happy, and huge. Where does he get that tummy... oh, never mind.


Sharon said...

Don't you just love pool shots! Always love a bit of blue water in my pics for scrapping...and I just LOVE John's pic here with his cute orange shorts! Gorgeous,.